Быстрый заказ авто


Безлимитный пробег
Дорожная марка для езды по автобанам Чехии и Германии
Экологическая марка для въезда в Германию
Детское сиденье-бустер
Полная страховка с франшизой 5%
Доставка и возврат автомобиля в Праге
Доставка машины в аэропорт Праги
Бесплатная замена авто в случае аварии или поломки

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About Us



The Czech Republic is a very beautiful country with exquisite ancient architecture, so it is not surprising that it enjoys considerable popularity among tourists of different categories. Now many people travel on foot or are traveling on an uncomfortable public transport. But who of us does not want to ride through the streets of the ancient city with comfort and convenience?

Navicars is a rental car in Prague, designed to make this dream a reality. In addition to foreign visitors, the company provides its services to residents of the capital and other cities of the country. Rent a car in Prague is a wonderful way to make your trip even more enjoyable, and along the way to understand your aspirations and choose which car you would like to buy yourself for permanent use.

To rent a car in Prague from Navicars, you do not need to do anything very difficult. The first thing you need to choose a car, and choose from what, because the company is constantly updating its range …

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