How to rent a car in Prague

Here we will tell you in more detail how to rent a car in Prague and what you need for this:

1. To rent a car in Prague you will need to have only 2 documents – a foreign passport and a driving license (samples of rights can be viewed here)

2. Choose a machine on the site from the proposed catalog

3. Click the “Booking” button and you will be taken to the reservation page of the car you selected. On this page you will see the cost of renting a car on days: the longer the rental period, the lower the cost. Also here are described the characteristics of the machine, the deposit for it and the cost of full insurance.

4. Fill in the booking form: correctly indicate the time of booking, the start and end time of the lease, the delivery address of the car, your e-mail and phone number. In the end, specify the method of payment. After doing this, you will see the final cost for renting a car. To finish booking, click the “Book” button

5. After that you will receive 2 letters to your email address: 1 letter stating that your application was accepted, and in 30 minutes you will receive a 2nd letter confirming your reservation.

6. You can pay rent when you get a car rental. We accept euros, dollars and rubles at the rate on our website. If you choose to pay by card, we will bring a portable terminal with you.

7. On the indicated day and hour, you will be brought to the specified address with a clean, full-sized car, you sign a contract, an act of acceptance of the car, pay rent and bail, you will be told about the driving characteristics in Europe and you can go where you planned.

If the reserved car is already reserved by someone, we will offer you other options for cars.

Free delivery and return are carried out within the city limits of Prague during working hours from 8.30 to 19.00.

Also free of charge, we will deliver the car to the airport or pick it up from there.

In case of non-standard situations, we can always find a compromise solution with you, and make sure that you like the rest of our country and you come back here again!